Cornaro crest

Felice Brusasorzi

Born: 1539/40

Died: 1605

Felice Brusasorzi was the leading painter in Verona in the last quarter of the 16th century. William Barcham notes in Grand in Design (Venice, 2001, p. 248), that Brusasorzi "had begun working in the Mannerist tradition of Giorgio Vasari, but his oeuvre of the 1590s conveys an increased naturalism, perhaps to be associated with his study of Titian and the Venetian tradition."

To commemorate the service of Giovanni Cornaro (G-12) as Capitano of Verona, the city commissioned and presented to Cornaro, 1595, a painting by Brusasorzi entitled "Allegory of the Baptism of Lorenzo Cornaro."

2002 C. I. Gable