Ca' Cornaro (later Contarini) dei Cavalli

Grand Canal, S. Benedetto Parish (S. Marco)

CA' CORNARO, which passed later to the Contarini family and became known as Ca' Contarini "of the horses" (because of the horse in the two decorative crests on the facade), stands at the intersection of the rio di San Luca with the Grand Canal.

Construction of the gothic palace is estimated to have begun in the 1445-50 period, as suggested by the rich stylistic scheme of multi-mullioned windows supporting elaborate quatrefoils. The second piano nobile and the penthouse are later additions. The ground floor facade with its serliana doorway and flat-topped windows dates from a subsequent re-working as well.

Umberto Franzoi has commented (Palaces and Churches on the Grand Canal in Venice, p. 111), "Despite its richness of expression, the building keeps its own restrained spatial dimension with respect to other buildings of the same period along the Grand Canal and in other places in the city."

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