Villa Cornaro (later Piacentini, Tiepolo, now Chiminelli)

Via Lama 2, S. Andrea Oltre il Muson di Castelfranco Veneto (Treviso)

Villa Cornaro-Chiminelli

VILLA CORNARO at S. Andrea Oltre il Muson was erected, c. 1564, by an unidentified member of the S. Polo branch of the Cornaro family, whose crest is depicted in a fresco on the garden facade. The interior frescos are attributed to Benedetto Caliari, the brother of Veronese [Paolo Caliari].

The villa was acquired by the Piacentini family of nearby Castelfranco, 1650, and passed to the Tiepolo family in the 1700s. The villa has recently been restored by its current owner, Dott. Francesco Chiminelli of Bassano.

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