Villa Cornaro (later Felissent)

Viale G. Giacomo Felissent 4, S. Artemio, Fontane di Villorba (Treviso)

VILLA CORNARO at S. Artemio, just outside Treviso to the north, was built in the 1700s by an unidentified patron. The villa was embellished with Venetian stucco decoration (destroyed, 1938) described by contemporaries as being among the finest examples of the period. Frescos attributed to Boucher or (more likely) Novelli have been removed.

The villa was later acquired by G. Giacomo Felissent, the mayor of Treviso. At his death Mayor Felissent bequeathed the villa to the city government for use as a home for impoverished former government officials, but the project was never implemented (either because of a shortage of impoverished former government officials or for other reasons).

Victor Emanuele III and Princess Laetitia are among the villa's notable guests of the past. Today the structure is owned by the Ministry of Defense.

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