Villa Cornaro (later Soldati, Bandini, Pavan, now parish office)

Via Talponera 14, Merlengo di Ponzano Veneto (Treviso)

VILLA CORNARO at Merlengo was constructed, 1700, by an unidentified member of the Cornaro family. Magnificent frescos by Giovanni Battista Tiepolo, minutely described by Crico in Lettere sulle Belle Arti Trivigiane [Letters on Fine Arts of the Treviso Region] (Treviso, 1833), decorated the first floor.

The villa later passed into the ownership of Bishop Soldati who "censored" the frescos to obscure the nudity which he found offensive. Only traces of the frescos remain at the villa today, although the collection of the Luigi Bailo Museum in Treviso contains a large fresco of a woman ("Flora") which is said to be from the villa.

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