Doge Marco Cornaro (B-1)

by Giovanni Battista Tiepolo

In 1732 Da Canal wrote that Giovanni Battista Tiepolo as a youth "was Doge Cornaro's painter at [the Doge's] San Polo [palace]; he used to supervise the distribution of pictorial things in [the Doge's] rich home, and . . . painted several overdoor decorations with tasteful portraits and paintings."

Tiepolo's portrait of Doge Marco Cornaro (B-1), created for the family's palace at Campo S. Polo, resonates in canvas shape, pose and color tones with portraits of the Cornaro family's other three Doges, which were also created for the same palace: Tiepolo's own portrait of Doge Giovanni II Cornaro (G-38) (now in the Egidio Martini Collection at Museo Ca' Rezzonico in Venice), Sebastiano Ricci's portrait of Doge Giovanni I Cornaro (G-17), and Liberi's portrait of Doge Proc. Francesco Cornaro (G-19).

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