Giorgio Cornaro

by Titian [Tiziano Vecellio]

Joslyn Art Museum, Onaha, Nebraska

The oil on canvas portrait of Giorgio Cornaro (H-4) executed by Titian [Tiziano Vecellio] in 1537 measures 42-3/4" x 38".

As noted in Fifty Favorites from Joslyn Art Museum (p. 19), "Giorgio Cornaro was, with his father, instrumental in importing falcons from Crete for the nobility of Italy, an activity most likely celebrated by the inclusion of such a bird in this painting, which was commissioned at the time of his coming of age and election to Venice's Grand Council [Consiglio Maggior]. Titian's sympathy for the sitter is apparent in the sensitivity with which he portrays this handsome, convivial and robust young man."

The Titian portrait was reproduced, 1811, in an engraving by W. Skelton entitled A Nobleman of Cyprus.

Today Giorgio Cornaro is best remembered for commissioning the architect Andrea Palladio to designVilla Cornaro at Piombino Dese, a structure that has significantly influenced subsequent Western architecture.

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