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Palma il Giovane [Jacopo Negreti]

Born: 1544, Venice

Died: 1628, Venice

Jacopo Negreti was known as PALMA IL GIOVANE [the Younger] to distinguish him from his great-uncle, another Jacopo Negreti (born c. 1480), who was known as Palma il Vecchio [the Older]. Palma il Giovane studied in Rome, 1567-c. 1572, but returned to Venice for the rest of his career. He was a prolific painter whose works are found throughout the city.

Self-portraitArt historian S. J. Freedberg comments in Painting in Italy, 1500-1600 (p. 561): "[T]he style Jacopo formed in the 1570s eclectically fused . . . the Mannerist vocabulary of shapes, designs, and temper of action of Tintoretto (the predominant component); the sensuous response to surfaces and light of the older Titian; an occasional discursive opulence 'a la Veronese'; and inclinations toward descriptive naturalism, often genre-like, 'a la Bassano'."

His paintings include Scenes from the History of the Order of the Crociferi in the Oratorio dei Crociferi, 1583-91, Mary in Glory with Saints in the Cornaro di S. Polo Chapel at the Church of S. Nicolo' da Tolentino, and St. Julian in Glory in the center ceiling panel of the Church of S. Giuliano.

Shown here is a self-portrait in the collection of the Querini-Stampali Museum in Venice.

1997-9 C. I. Gable