Cornaro di S. Polo Chapel

Venice (S. Polo); S. Nicoḷ da Tolentino, right transept

Cornaro Chapel

The Cornaro di S. Polo Chapel, commissioned by members of the Cornaro della Regina branch of the family in its S. Polo line, occupies the right transept of the Church of S. Nicoḷ da Tolentino.

Above the central altar of the chapel is the painting S. Maria in Glory with Saints by Palma il Giovane [the Younger].

On the left flanking wall is a relief depicting the donation of Cyprus to Venice by Queen Caterina Cornaro (B-31), surrounded by busts of [clockw. from left] Cardinal Alvise Cornaro (G-2), Cardinal Andrea Cornaro (F-2), Cardinal Patriarch Marco Cornaro (B-61), Doge Marco Cornaro (SA-51/B-1), Cardinal Cav. Proc. Francesco Cornaro (B-60) and Cardinal Federico Cornaro (G-6).

On the right flanking wall is the funeral monument of Doge Giovanni [II] Cornaro (G-38), surrounded by busts of [clockw. from left] Cardinal Giorgio Cornaro (G-40), Cardinal Patriarch Federico Cornaro (G-17), Cardinal Francesco Cornaro (G-11), Doge Giovanni [I] Cornaro (G-12) and Doge Giovanni [II] Cornaro (G-38).

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