Doge Marco Cornaro Funeral Monument

Venice (Castello); SS. Gioanni e Paolo [Zanipolo]; main choir chapel, left side

Cornaro funeral monument

Doge Marco Cornaro (SA-51/B-1), the first of four Doges from the Cornaro family, died in 1368. His funeral monument occupies the north wall of the main choir chapel of SS. Giovanni e Paolo [Zanipolo].

A central figure of the Madonna and Child stands between figures of SS. Pietro and Paolo with a pair of flanking angels. The Madonna and S. Pietro are by Nino Pisano while the other figures and the effigy of Doge Marco below are attributed to Pisano's workshop.

In his Companion Guide to Venice, Hugh Honour comments, "The central virgin is perhaps the finest Gothic statue in Venice, delicately graceful in her swaying movement." Pope-Hennessey notes (Italian Gothic Sculpture, 1985, p. 23) that the Madonna and Child of the group show the influence of contemporary French sculpture on Pisano's style while the other figures, probably executed by his son Andrea, are typical of traditional Tuscan Gothic statuary.

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